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Our Fresno Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Dedicated to Helping Clients

At Fear Waddell, P.C. we care deeply about each client, and want to give them the best service possible. Bankruptcy is all we do. We are passionate about helping our clients get a fresh start in bankruptcy. So, we don’t do personal injury, we don’t do criminal defense, and we don’t do workers comp. All we do is bankruptcy.

Peter Fear and Gabe Waddell are Certified Bankruptcy Specialists by the State Bar of California. A Certified Bankruptcy Specialist has passed rigorous tests to ensure that they know bankruptcy law. In addition, they must demonstrate their mastery of the law in handling a large number of bankruptcy cases, and be recognized by other attorneys as a specialist.

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We Have a Proven History of Success

Fear Waddell, P.C. frequently teaches other attorneys about bankruptcy. Our lawyers are heavily involved in the bankruptcy community in central California, and we often write on the subject of bankruptcy.

Any attorney can say they practice bankruptcy law, even if they’ve never filed a case before. But how do you know that your attorney understands the ins and outs of bankruptcy law? We have filed over 1,000 bankruptcy cases in the last 10 years.

The sheer number of cases by itself doesn’t tell you everything about a firm, but it does help to know our breadth of experience, including:

  • Chapter 7 (liquidation) cases
  • Chapter 11 (reorganization) cases
  • Chapter 12 (reorganization for family farmers) cases
  • Chapter 13 (payment plan for individuals) cases

Get Started With Your Own Personal Consultation

Fear Waddell. P.C. is ready to get started on your case and help you toward a future of financial freedom. We can give you the informed advice that you need to a get a fresh start and to being rebuilding your credit.

When you come in for a free consultation with our Fresno bankruptcy attorneys, we can go over all your options and help you choose the method that suits your particular situation the best. The first step you should take is filling out a free case evaluation and our lawyers can guide you on from there.

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