Con-Artists Posing as Attorneys Solicit Wire Transfers From Bankruptcy Filers

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) has issued a consumer warning regarding a telephone-scam targeting those who have filed bankruptcy. The con-artists are calling individuals who have already started the bankruptcy process, masking their phone number as if it was coming from their bankruptcy attorney. Victims are being instructed to wire transfer funds immediately in order to solve some debt that is outside of the bankruptcy proceeding. For some, they are even being threatened with arrest if they do not pay the debt.

In some cases, these con-artists are even pulling up personal information about the victim from public filings so that they can seem more convincing as their attorney over the phone. Many of these calls are taking place outside of an office’s normal business hours so the victim has a more difficult time getting in touch with their actual attorney to verify the call.

The NACBA wants to publicly notify all consumers that under no circumstances would an attorney, or their staff, call a client for an immediate wire transfer in order to satisfy a debt. In the same way, they also would never threaten arrest if this debt was not paid immediately. Not even legitimate debt collectors can threaten arrest in lieu of unpaid debts.

If you receive any kind of call like this, hang up immediately and call your bankruptcy lawyer as quickly as possible. Never under any circumstances should you give out any personal or financial information to the person on the other end of the call.

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