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When you are struggling under a mountain of debt, it is easy to become despondent and believe there is no way out. Even if your situation seems bleak, you still have options. Bankruptcy can effectively reorganize your debt and give you a new lease on life, and Fear Waddell, P.C. can help you get there. We are in the business of helping good people get back on their feet after financial misfortune.

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Bankruptcy is a method of legally reorganizing, settling, or discharging any outstanding debts you can no longer afford to pay. Depending on which method you select, you can either liquidate a large portion of your property to settle debts or arrange a way to pay off the debts in affordable increments over a 3-5-year period. At the end of this process, you are left with a brand new start and the ability to build a future you may have never thought possible.

Bankruptcy in its various forms allows you to:

  • Eliminate some or all of your debt
  • Obtain relief from creditor harassment with an "automatic stay"
  • Keep your home and/or car
  • Keep your most valued possessions
  • Start repairing your credit


Individuals typically choose between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have no assets, or you are willing to liquidate your assets to cover your debt, Chapter 7 may be the best option for your situation. Chapter 13, on the other hand, is best for those who want to keep their assets and can reasonably repay most of their debt in a 3-5-year plan.

If you are a business owner, we can help you find a business-oriented bankruptcy solution. Whether you want to close and liquidate your company assets or restructure debt to continue operating as long as possible, we can help you develop a strategic plan.

Bankruptcy can't fix all of your financial problems, but it is a remarkable tool in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. Though the debt relief that bankruptcy provides comes at a cost, the gains are often well worth the trade-off. At Fear Waddell, P.C. we have helped more than 1,000 Fresno business and consumer clients attain debt-relief through bankruptcy. Oftentimes, the process is far less painful than they ever imagined.


When you come to Fear Waddell, P.C. for help, you will see right away how much our bankruptcy lawyers in Fresno care about making a difference in our clients' lives and our communities. At our firm, bankruptcy law is our passion. Our team frequently takes opportunities to educate others about the process, and we devote a significant portion of our time to writing on bankruptcy subjects.

Since founding our firm, we have filed more than 1,000 bankruptcy cases. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our debt relief attorneys from Fear Waddell, P.C., we would be pleased to help you identify all your options.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of filing for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy can offer several benefits, including the elimination of some or all of your debt, relief from creditor harassment through an "automatic stay," the ability to retain your home and/or car, keeping your most valued possessions, and the opportunity to start repairing your credit. These advantages provide a fresh start and can help you rebuild a stable financial future.

How can Fear Waddell, P.C. assist me with my bankruptcy case in Fresno?

Fear Waddell, P.C. can assist you by leveraging our extensive knowledge of bankruptcy laws to guide you through the process. With over 1,000 bankruptcy cases filed, we offer free consultations to discuss your situation and provide personalized advice. Our commitment to your financial recovery and our understanding of the legal intricacies make us a reliable choice for handling your bankruptcy case in Fresno.

What should I expect during the bankruptcy process with Fear Waddell, P.C.?

When working with Fear Waddell, P.C. on your bankruptcy case, you can expect compassionate and knowledgeable guidance throughout the process. We can help you understand your options, protect your rights, and work towards a resolution that offers you a chance to rebuild financially. Our dedication to educating clients and track record of over 1,000 filed cases underscore our commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for those we serve.

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  • Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorneys
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  • “I am a senior citizen and Gabriel took me by hand, guided me through the process of bankruptcy with patience, caring and most of all he cared about my feelings and the stressful time I was going through.”

    - Former Client
  • “If Bankruptcy is absolutely your only option and Dave Ramsey's program is too far out of sight, or in my case, a start-up business gone sour, I would HIGHLY recommend Gabe Waddell and the staff over at Fear Law Group.”

    - Former Client
  • “He's very professional, informative, answered whatever questions I had, a great listener and returned phone calls promptly.”

    - Sandi
  • “From the moment we started this, though, Peter Fear and the staff there made us feel comfortable and removed the worry and confusion that we were expecting would overwhelm us.”

    - Gerone
  • “Peter was a consummate professional, advising me on the process and guiding me through the steps. He answered every question quickly and clearly, which gave me the utmost confidence that my decisions were the correct ones to make.”

    - Former Client
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