Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing

I will be speaking at a bankruptcy marketing session for the California Bankruptcy Forum’s Consumer Program in May 2012. As part of that, I have been thinking extensively about consumer bankruptcy marketing concepts, especially web-based marketing. One thing that I have noticed is that it is not unusual for bankruptcy websites to cut and paste large portions of other bankruptcy websites or for two bankruptcy websites to be identical. A year or so after I had written new content for my website, I was perusing some other local bankruptcy websites, and I noticed that some of them had taken whole sections directly from parts of my website that I had written.

And recently, I discovered two identical bankruptcy websites. The two websites are identical, except that they have different law firm logos and contact information. I am guessing that the two firms employed the same website designer. While both of these websites look good from a marketing perspective, I would be a little worried about potential clients seeing my website look exactly like my competitor’s.