Fear Waddell, P.C. Is Open: Conducting Free Consultations Via Zoom & Telephone

Mass closures of “non-essential” businesses and ensuing layoffs – signaled by an unprecedented tidal wave of unemployment claims – have churned up economic turmoil in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without a doubt, hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans nationwide may be looking at massive debts that they may no longer be able to pay off.

At Fear Waddell, P.C., our bankruptcy law office is responding to financial and legal crises for individuals and businesses in Fresno. Bankruptcy is an uncomfortable topic at any time in someone’s life, but we may all soon be facing historical economic uncertainty and bankruptcy can provide some with a means to clear mountains of debt when they need relief the most.

To help people facing financial difficulty during this time, our office is now conducting free consultations via telephone and Zoom, which is a video-audio conference service. When you reach out to our firm, we’ll be able to schedule a meeting with our attorney, during which you will have an opportunity to describe your situation and what you hope to achieve.

Debt Relief for Individuals

Our firm has filed more than 1,000 bankruptcy cases that have helped people eliminate some or all of their debt. There are opportunities in bankruptcy to keep your home and/or car, most of your valued possession, and repair your credit. By working with our Fresno bankruptcy attorneys, you may be able to find significant debt relief and opportunity by filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy for Businesses

If you’re a business owner saddled with debt that you can no longer pay off, Fear Waddell, P.C. can help. Depending upon how your company is structured, you may be able to file for various forms of bankruptcy to deal with your debt.

Businesses can file for bankruptcy through the following options and others:

  • Chapter 11: This type of bankruptcy allows your company to stay in business while restructuring your debt into more manageable payments.
  • Chapter 13: If you’re a sole proprietor, this form of bankruptcy will let you restructure your deb and provide you an opportunity to propose a payment plan that works best for you.
  • Chapter 7: This type of bankruptcy allows corporations, limited liability companies, and other businesses to close down and liquidate their assets to pay off debt.

As of February 2020, small businesses applying for Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be able to develop their own repayment plans, get approval for the plan without creditor input, consolidate certain types of debt, and modify the mortgage of a principal residence if used in connection with the business.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you think bankruptcy is your best option to relieve yourself from mounting debt, reach out to Fear Waddell, P.C. for help.

Contact us online or call (559) 418-3022 to get in touch with someone who can help you arrange your consultation via telephone or Zoom. We provide free initial meetings with our attorney for potential clients with consumer bankruptcy matters.